The Great Deception
Being saved is not the end all of our conversion, in fact it is simply the first of many steps that the believer will take on his or her journey of transformation from a natural being into a spiritual being.

The new believer, regardless of their condition and position within the natural realm, is a spiritual babe, who must begin to learn to see, hear, walk, talk, eat, and drink as spiritual beings, all of which begins with the renewing of the mind.

It is this renewing of the mind which affords the new believer the ability to put off the old man (or woman) and to receive the things of the new covenant that the carnally minded simply can not see or understand.
Old Habits Die Hard

Albeit that upon our acceptance of Jesus Christ as our Savior our Father God begins a work within us that makes us whole (spirit - soul - body), scriptures are crystal clear that "the flesh profits nothing" (John 6:63).

Subsequently, our goal as Christian disciples is to bring the flesh (body) into subjugation to the soul that has been brought into alignment with the spirit through the renewing of the mind in order to prove the will of the Father.
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